Kinneret Cafe
8316 Plainfield Rd.
Cincinnati, OH, US, 45236

Kinneret Cafe Hours

Sunday thru Thursday 11:30AM - 08:30PM

Friday 11:30AM - 02:00PM

* BEST OF THE CITY 2013 & 2014 - Cincinnati Magazine
• Kosher Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel • Vegan • Vegetarian
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Falafel Balls (Vegan)

Falafel Balls (Vegan)

Four falafel with Tehina Sauce & Pita

Potato Latkes

Potato Latkes

Four latkes served with applesauce

Grape Leaves  (vegan)

Grape Leaves (vegan)

Four grape leaves filled with rice & Spices

Israeli Salad (vegan)

Israeli Salad (vegan)

Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers with our house dressing (lemon, oil, sea salt)


Egg Rolls (vegan)

Our own homemade filling with fresh cabbage, carrots and tofu wrapped and deep fried and served with sweet & sour sauce.

Moroccan Cigars - (vegan)

Moroccan Cigars - (vegan)

This cigar shaped appetizer is filled with a mildly spiced "ground meat" seitan, an eggroll type wrap deep fried and served with a marinara dipping sauce.


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